This website contains information about every building located within the Central Business District (CBD) of the city of Melbourne, Victoria. The centrepiece of this website is the Street Index, a hyperlinked list of the CBD's streets. The links in this list, in turn, lead to further lists of those streets' addresses, in ascending numerical order. The links in these lists, finally, lead to individual pages containing information about the buildings located at these addresses. To find a building, simply click on the Index, then click on the street where the building is located, and then click on the building's address. Alternatively, type the building's address directly into the search box on the left-hand side, then press enter or click on the magnifying glass, and then click on a matching link if one is found.

As far as is possible, the information provided about the buildings includes a photograph or photographs of each building, the address of each building, the type (i.e... commercial, residential) of each building, the current owner of each building, the history of each building, and the commercial tenants of each building. It is our hope that such information will be of use to tourists, students, historians, real estate agents, prospective tenants and casual hobbyists among others.

Though we take every measure to ensure that the information provided on this website is as complete and as accurate as possible, some information provided about any given building may necessarily be missing or inadvertently be erroneous. If any user of this website encounters a field for which the information is missing but believe they possess the missing information, or encounters any information which they believe is erroneous but believe they possess the correct information, we welcome them to contact us to inform of us of the erroneous information and/or provide us with the missing or correct information. Pending review, we will then update a building's page with the missing or correct information.